Community Therapy Services enters into service agreements with a number of different partners throughout Manitoba. Our services are provided in the following settings:

Home Care

CTS employs specialists in community care (occupational therapists and physiotherapistswho provide services to clients in Manitoba’s Home Care Program. Referrals are received from community and hospital based case managers, physicians, hospital rehabilitation departments and directly from clients and their families through Home Care Central Intake.

Long Term Care (Personal Care Homes)

CTS employs specialists in long term care (occupational therapists and physiotherapists) who provide consultation services in Personal Care Homes (nursing homes) throughout Manitoba.

Hospital Care

CTS employs specialists in rural practice (occupational therapists and physiotherapists) who work in rural hospital/health centers.

Community Mental Health

CTS employs specialists  (occupational therapists) who provide services to persons with mental illness living in the community in a number of different settings.

First Nations Physiotherapy

CTS employs specialists (physiotherapists) who provide services to residents living in several First Nations Communities in Northern and Central Manitoba. This is predominantly a Fly-In service as most communities are inaccessible by road most of the year.

Northern Health Region

CTS employs occupational therapists and physiotherapists to provide services to clients living in The Pas and Thompson.


CTS has provided services (occupational therapy) to students in the elementary school system.