Support & Consultation for Independent Living (SCIL) is a community mental health  occupational therapy program provided by Community Therapy Services 

SCIL offers recovery-oriented, client-centered rehabilitation services with a focus on successful independent community living.

SCIL provides occupational therapy services to individuals who are living with serious mental illness and severe and persistent functional impairment.  The main objectives of the SCIL Program are to enable clients to attain independent living goals and to achieve increased success and satisfaction in independent living.

SCIL does not provide case management or vocationally-oriented services. SCIL therapists receive referrals from and work in collaboration with WRHA Community Mental Health Program (CMHP) staff and other mental health service providers;  CMHP referrals are given priority.  SCIL services complement existing WRHA CMHP services.

Clients referred to SCIL generally have multiple and complex barriers to functioning.  Specific referral circumstances/ requests may include:

  • Transition to more independent living
  • Housing at risk
  • Client goals not being met and/or client not progressing as expected with existing service
  • Cognitive barriers to functioning
  • Assessment of capacity to manage finances
  • Assessment of independent living capacity, etc. SCIL referral examples 

Occupational therapists provide comprehensive assessment, detailed recommendations, consultation and planning services and in some cases short-term intervention (< 6 mos.).

Assessment may include standardized assessment tools (e.g. Independent Living Scales, Texas Functional Living Scale, Montreal Cognitive Assessment, Cognistat, etc) as well as non-standardized, performance-based assessments (e.g. money management, medication management, meal preparation, cognitive screening, safety, etc.).

SCIL therapists also collaborate with CMHP staff on special projects as requested (e.g. resource development, staff training, etc.).

Referrals for SCIL occupational therapy services can be made by service providers or clients:

SCIL brochure

SCIL referral

Inquiries and requests for orientation to the SCIL program are welcome! For more information about the SCIL program, please contact:

Anita Peter

SCIL Program Coordinator